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Although it is a good practice to leave the house completely cleaned by the previous owners before you leave, this is often not done to the required level. In this case, you should thoroughly clean your new home before moving your items to it, as it will be difficult to clean it completely afterwards. Here's how:

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2. Clean your new house from top to bottom No doubt you don't want to see dust, dirt, dirt and insects falling on the newly polished wood floors! Start by cleaning the roof first. Spider houses and dust should be removed from the ceiling corners using a mop or broom away from the walls and from the shelves of stoves and other surfaces, and finally sweep them off the floor.

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3. Clean areas that are unlikely to be cleaned again How many times have you washed the walls of your home? When moving to a new home, try to focus on areas that you know you will not clean up anytime soon. This way you will start your life in your new home with a state of mental and physical recovery. These areas include:

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Walls behind appliances inside cabinets along wall panels and architectural ornament ventilation outlets and fans, cooling and heating devices, garbage disposal units, basement and attic.
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4. Clean the frequently touched surfaces in your new home It is difficult to feel a new beginning in your new home when you see the internal surfaces in the house have traces of old use. You will notice the effects of the former population on the often-touched household fixtures. You should complete the cleaning process by treating these areas:
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Appliances (stove, oven, fridge, microwave oven, dishwasher, washing machine) Toilet, bathroom, shower, sinks, door handles, lamp switches and other buttons

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